The film’s title, as seen on screen.
 This symbol represents the presence of the AI character, and it shows up throughout Semaphore’s computer displays.
 The visitor bracelet Sophia wears throughout her visit to Semaphore Animation Studios.
 Tiles representing some Semaphore movie concepts. The first two are meant to represent alternate versions of  Toy Story  and  Brave . The third is a movie about birds. The next four concepts come directly from Cameo’s script: a girl and her pig, a romantic comedy between a mongoose and a cobra, a submarine on Mars, and ghost octopus in space (some were supposed to be duds). The last concept is a nod to  The Triassic , the original title for the film that inspired the main character to become an animator. Cameo changed the name of the movie to  Mythos  when she discovered there was dragon-themed footage freely available for common use, which meant we didn’t have to invent or license dinosaur-themed footage to use in the theater scene.
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