Everything in this scene was part of a 3D model.
 The Pipa. Grandmother of all stringed, guitar-like instruments. Traditionally played by women and passed down to daughters and granddaughters as precious family heirlooms. Our Pipa performer/consultant and I took great care to give ours the right color, age, and wear to resemble what we envisioned as “your Grandmother’s Pipa.”
 The Pipa in Chords View.
 The Pipa in Notes View.
 The Pipa needed a background that spoke to its strong association with Springtime. There are many famous Pipa songs about fresh bamboo, singing birds, and the resurgence of new life. When I couldn’t find the right silk design, I created my own from scratch. The green silk fabric is composed of several dozen layers in Photoshop. The pattern comes from two sketches I did of a swallow and cherry blossoms, both symbols of Spring.
 The Erhu. Traditionally played by men. Has a beautifully mournful sound.
 The Erhu in Chords View. Chinese language version. For the background we went with aged and yellowing silk. In Chinese culture yellow is associated with the moon, and the moon and moonlit scenery is a common theme in Erhu songs. The shabbiness of the silk is a nod to the Erhu’s historic connection with street performers.
 The Erhu in Notes View. Chinese language version.
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